Ola S1 Specifications, Features, and Details

The new Ola S1 and S1 Pro body is built with metal and fiber material. The company used lightweight material to reduce weight of the bike. The design and look of the electric bike are completely aerodynamic to increase speed. The electric scooter comes with a large 7 inches touch screen with 3GB of RAM, and an octa-core processor with a 1.8Ghz clock speed. The scooter comes with WiFi and Bluetooth, GPS support. You can unlock it by using a mobile phone. Ola used a powerful motherboard with a good power efficiency feature, The power efficiency motherboard will increase the efficiency of the battery. The powerful 8.5 KW eclectic motor with 58 nm(Nanometers) maximum torque, the motor is capable to carry heavy loads and the thermal efficiency of the processor is good. The top speed of the scooter is 115KMPH and acceleration(0-40) in 3-seconds and(0-60) in 5-seconds. The electric scooter will come with fast charging support. The electric scooter can travel a range of 181KM for a single charge.

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Digital Information

Display = 7 Inches Touch screen.
RAM = 3GB.
Processor = Octa-Core.
Voice Control (Hey Ola) Assistant.
GPS Navigation.
Connect and Track the scooter remotely.
Control Remotely.
Notifications alert.
AI-based safety features.
Custom speed limit option.
Digital Speedometer.
Calling and Messaging feature.
Ola used power-efficient WIFI, Bluetooth, and GPS modules.


Motor Type = Electric Motor.
Max Torque = 58 NM.
Motor Power Rating = 8.5KW.
Range = 181KM.
Acceleration(0-3S)=0-40 KMPH.
Acceleration(0-5S) = 0-60 KMPH.
Reverse Button.
Powerful motor manufactured with power-efficient technology.

Suspension and Braking

Brakes = Disk Brake.
Suspension(front) = Mono.
Suspension(Rear) = Mono.
Tubeless tires.
Wheels are manufactured with Aluminum.

Battery and Lamp

Battery Capacity = 3.97 KW.
Head Lamp = Single LED.
Tail Lamp = Single LED.
Left and Right LED indicators are available.

Special Features

Calling and Messaging Feature.
Inbuilt GPS.
Sidestand Alert.
Tamper Alert (Anti-theft alarm).
Voice Control.
Control Scooter through your mobile.


Ola S1-Series 99,999/-

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