Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera specs and features

  • The multifunctional 200MP rear camera with Multidirectional, Laser AF, and Optical Image Stabilization.
  • The 10MP periscopic telephoto lens comes with Dual pixel technology and 10X magnification.
  • The 10MP Telephoto lens comes with Dual pixel technology and 3X magnification.
  • The 10MP Resolution camera with super steady video stabilization support.
  • The primary 200MP camera is capable of recording videos at 8K resolution at 30FPS(max) and 1080P video at 240/960FPS(max).
  • The Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based noise-canceling microphones will reduce the background noises while recording videos and during the phone call.
  • The 12 MP front-facing selfie camera also has Dual Pixel technology.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Review

  • The new Samsung S23 Ultra has a lower-resolution selfie camera than the Samsung S22 Ultra.
  • The S23 ultra Rear cameras have both types of improvements like software and physical stabilization.
  • The software and physical stabilization will improve the focus of the lens and also based on the lighting condition the lens will adjust the focus on the object.
  • The camera system has a dedicated super steady setting to eliminate stabilization while filming videos of people moving while running, walking, etc.
  • The magnification and stabilization have been improved in S23 ultra compared with S22 ultra.

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