Samsung launched 200MP Mobile Camera Sensors

  • Many of the Flagship and Budget mobiles are launching with Samsung camera sensors. The new 200MP camera sensor with amazing features. The performance of the sensor is good when compared to previous flagship camera sensors.

Features of the New 200MP sensor

Tetra pixel technology will improve the light sensitivity when you are using mobile in low light condition
Smart Wide Dynamic Range(WDR) is used to multiple exposures in a single shot.
Phase Detecting Auto Focus (PDAF) Improvements.
The sensor with ISOCELL technology to capture photos at high quality.
Optical Zoom and Auto Focus have been improved by Dynamic Range Sensor.
The sensor is capable to record video at 8K resolution at 120FPSin low light conditions.
The Thermal Management of the sensor is good.
We can able to record 4K and 8K resolution videos at high frame rates without any heating issues.

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