Snapdragon 8Gen 1 vs MediaTek Dimensity 9000

1. Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Performance Highlights and Features

The processor is manufactured with 4-Nanometers Technology.
The processor is built with Millions of transistors to improve speed and performance.
Powerful 5G RF-Modem up to 10Gbps Internet speed.
Latest and Powerful Wi-Fi Version 6 and 6E support.
They designed the CPU architecture to consume less amount of power and give more efficiency.
The processor comes with Advanced Snapdragon sound technology to improve the music and sound experience.
Dynamic Octa-Core processor.
Cores 1 x 3.0Ghz, 3 x 2.50Ghz and 4 x 1.80Ghz.
The speed of the processor is 20% faster than Snapdragon 888.
The Power Consumption of the processor is 30% low when compared to previous Gen processors.
The Thermal Management of the processor is good.
The 7th Gen Qualcomm AI Engine will improve the speed of the processor up to 4X times faster.
The AI engine will reduce power consumption.
Powerful Adreno GPU will maintain a better graphics resolution and improve the clock speed.

Gaming Performance

The processor is designed for gaming.
Qualcomm’s AI Engine technology will improve the power and performance capabilities
The processor is designed for gaming at an ultimate level to run games in Ultra HD resolution at max 90FPS.
The CPU and GPU highly power efficient.
The Thermal Management of the processor is good when we are playing at high resolution in an outdoor environment.
The New Qualcomm Unreal Engine 5 will improve the lighting effect and shadow effect.
The Advanced Unreal Engine 5 delivers realistic graphics texture in BGMI, PUBG, COD, etc.
The 5G network modem will provide a seamless internet connection to play online games etc.

Camera Performance

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor is optimized to capture photos and record videos at high resolution.
The new feature Always-On-Camera will be used to focus and scan your face constantly.
The New Qualcomm Image Signal Processing(ISP) sensor will accurate the computer and camera vision.
AI-Based face detection, Noise reduction, Autofocus, Low light photo capture.
The processor has the ability to record videos at an 8K resolution at 30FPS and 4K at 120FPS.
The sensor was capable to record high-resolution videos without any heating issues.

2. MediaTek Dimensity 9000 processor Highlights and Features

The processor is manufactured with 4-Nanometers technology.
The processor is built with millions of transistors.
The speed of the processor depends upon the number of transistors used to manufacture the chip.
Latest and powerful wifi version 6 and 6E support.
The maximum clock speed of the processor is 3.05 GHz.
World’s most powerful 9G pixel sensor.
The CPU is good for gaming and multi-tasking.
The thermal management of the processor is good compared to previous generation processors.
5th gen AI engine improves the speed, performance, and capacity of the processor.
The AI engine will develop the camera performance.
The GPU Mali G710 is good for gaming and maintains high-quality graphics texture and maintains a high refresh rate and frame rate.
Powerful 5G modem up to 7Gbps.
The New MediaTek power-saving version 2.0 will upgrade the battery life.
The thermal stability of the processor is good while playing games at high resolution.

Gaming Performance

The powerful CPU is designed for gaming.
The Thermal Management of the CPU is average while playing games at max graphics settings.
The core architecture of the processor is 1 x Ultra-powerful core, 3 x Super powerful cores, and 4 Power efficient
LPDDR5X RAM with 20% power efficiency compared to the previous-gen.
The AI Engine will enhance gaming performance by consuming less amount of power.
Hybrid AI GPU comes with Super Resolution Technology for gaming.

Camera performance

The processor is capable to support a 320MP camera sensor.
The New MediaTek APU 590 will maximize the camera performance.
The APU is good in Thermal Management and conserves battery power.
The processor had the capability to record video at 8K resolution.
The camera is able to record videos and capture photos at high resolution without heating issues.
The AI will automatically detect the face and sound, Noise cancellation.

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