UV(ultraviolet) sanitization machine

  • In this pandemic situation everyone taking care of their family. Coronavirus in the second wave is so powerful than the previous wave. The death rate is increased, spreading speed is increased. It is transforming into so many dangerous viruses very quickly. As we can see now, the black virus is making us scared, affecting the eyes and brain, and causes death quickly.
  • So we have to make sure that have to be safe, when we came home from outside, we usually do bath and drink hot water, etc. things we do normally. Just think about our belongings like mobile, wallet, etc, those may contain the virus.
  • By spraying sanitizer on the mobile screen it may damage our display and after a long time we may face touch-related issues and also it will damage the proximity sensor. This sensor is used to prevent accidental touches when a call is in progress. Instead of using sanitizer by using UV light sanitizer will kill the virus and bacteria without affecting the mobile.
  • The UV lights are used in water filters for purification purposes.


  • UV(ultraviolet) light is dangerous to living organisms, this may cause skin and eye irritation, When we are using UV light we have to follow some instructions.
  • Place the light in a closed unit like a cardboard box (or) non-transparent box.
  • Connect the light by using an AC adaptor with 11W power output only.
  • Make sure the wavelength of the light is between 253 nm(nanometers) to 254 nm.
  • Place the things inside the box and switch on the power supply (the box should be close before turn on the power supply).
  • After 5 to 10 min switch off the power supply and wait 2 minutes to take the items out from the box.

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Note : Before using these device strictly follow the above instructions.

Keep away from the children it will damage their eyes and skin.

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