Ola Q-Commerce platform Ola Dash has closed the used car business Ola Cars

Ride-Healing Platform Ola Closes its Used Vehicle Business Ola Cars as well as Ola Dash

It is a fast-e-commerce business where Indian companies are pouring money into the 10-15 minute grocery delivery market

The company closed Ola Cars within a year of its launch

It focuses on the verticals of its electric two-wheeler and car

Ola has so far shut down in these platforms

Ola Cafe, food panda, Ola Foods, and now Ola Dash

Ola reevaluates its priorities and decides to close Ola Dash - its fast trading business

Ola is also re-directing its focus to further strengthening its Ola car business

Ola Electric is a  market strategy, "the company said in a statement