Steps to avoid the explosion of electric vehicles

Now-a-days all automobile companies are launching their electric vehicles. Some companies manufactured (or) imported their batteries from foreign countries. The imported batteries are not suitable for the Indian climate conditions, in India the temperature is too hot compared to other countries. The Electric vehicle companies like Okinawa, Ola, etc these companies are importing their batteries. The lithium-ion batteries are made with lithium, cobalt, Nickle these kinds of raw materials are used in manufacturing these batteries, the cobalt is highly flammable and automatically catches fire when the temperature is reached 45 degrees or above the battery will overheat.

Indian automobile companies Ather, Hero these companies manufactured their batteries in India. The battery architecture and design are good for Indian climate conditions. The thermal management and performance are good compared to other companies.

How do you keep your electric vehicle and batteries safe?

  • Always park the electric vehicle at ambient temperature.
  • Avoid Third-party chargers, always use original chargers.
  • Check battery condition on a daily basis.
  • Store the batteries in a dry place.
  • While charging the scooter, you must check it out.
  • Avoid over-usage.
  • Better to keep up speed on Economy.

Difference between Ather and Ola electric scooters

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