Nvidia RTX 4090 vs 3090 Performance

Recently Nvidia has launced its latest flagship 40-series GPU 67% faster than the previous gen 30-series. There is a bunch of developments and upgrades in the 40-series. Nvidia’s primary focus is on architecture, the construction architecture takes a prominent place to improve gaming performance, thermal management, etc. Here we can see the comparison between the 4090 vs 3090 series.

GPU SpecsRTX 4090RTX 3090
Max Clock Speed2.52Ghz1.70Ghz
Base Clock Speed2.23Ghz1.40Ghz
Max Memory24 GB GDDR624 GB GDDR6
Cores Info
Ray Tracing Cores
Tensor Cores

3rd Generation
4th Generation

2nd Generation
3rd Generation
ArchitectureAda LovelaceAmpere
CUBA Cores1638410496
Power Consumption450W350W
image 8

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