How to Download Windows 11 on your pc (or) laptop.

How to Check the Hardware Requirements for Windows 11.

Windows 11 is completely different when compared to windows 10, Before downloading windows 11 check the hardware requirements of your pc (or) laptop.

Step-1 : Click (Windows + R) on our PC.


step-2 : Type cmd then click on Enter button.


step-3 : You will appear command prompt on your main screen, type TPM.MSC and click Enter.

image 1

Step-4: You can see the information about TPM hardware. To download windows 11 you must check the TPM specification version above 2.0 is only eligible for windows latest updates.


How to Download Windows 11 on our PC or Laptop?

Step 1: Open setting >>Go to updates and security>>Click on Windows Insider Program>>Click on DEV Channel.

Step-2: Go to updates and click on check for updates, it will automatically start downloading.

Note: After the installation of windows 11 remove the previous Windows Version 10.

The performance of the system may slow due to maintaining two Operating Systems at a time.

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