Intel 12th Gen Processor Features and Highlights


The New Intel 12th Gen processors built with x-86 architecture will deliver superior performance.
The New Intel Thread Director Technology will monitor the cores with a Real-time performance analysis of Performance Cores and Efficient Cores.

Cores Arrangement

The Intel 12th Gen processors are designed with a combination of Performance Cores(P-Cores) and Efficient Cores(E-Cores).
The (P-Cores) will unlock the maximum performance for video rendering, Photo Editing, 3D Design, and Gaming at 4K Resolution at a High Frame Rate Per Second(FPS).
The P-Cores will maximize Single-Core performance.
The (E-Cores) will consume less power by using a specially designed AI algorithm that will run background multitasking.
The 12th Gen CPU is are the symbol for superior performance.

Gaming Features

Ground Breaking Performance
The Intel 12th Gen processors are built up to 14 cores support.
The processor is Optimized and Designed for 4K resolution gaming.
The Maximum Clockspeed of the CPU is 5Ghz (CPU performance like a thruster).
Intel was designed for Nxt-Gen gaming and Multitasking for a long time without any limitations.

The 12th Gen processors architecture is highly flexible and overclocking tools to unlock the maximum performance with performance customization features.

Special Feartures

The Intel 12th Gen CPUs with an inbuilt benchmarking tool to optimize and unlock superior performance.
The New Advanced tuning feature to customize the performance of Performance Cores(P-Cores) and Efficient Cores(E-Cores).
The power frequency of the (P-Cores) is 5.2Ghz, and (E-Cores) is 4.1Ghz.
The processor with Wifi versions 6 and 6E with Thunderbolt Version4.

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